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Over 5,000 ABC Charger's shipped to USMC: The fastest and most powerful portable charger EVER. Charge up to 8 BB-2590's in less than 2.5 hours or up to 16 PRC-148's, PRC-152's, PRC-163's or CWB's in less than 3.5 hours.

Portable power innovations: Batteries/chargers lighten the load

Power anytime, any climate with the highest capacity batteries for longer missions from -40C to 80C

Vehicle power 6T, 24V Li-Ion batteries to start/power military vehicles (6T) high energy batteries for mobile or fixed silent watch applications (>3 kWh) Forward operating base power systems that save fuel and take generators offline

6 Pack (uses 6 BB-2590's) Gen II in development along with USMC for improved dismoun
Commack, NY
United States